Current Performance Season

The Nutcracker

November 2017 at The Metropolitan Theatre

This seasonal favorite will be performed by Morgantown Dance and the Morgantown Ballet Company on Saturday, November 11th, and Sunday, November 12th, 2017 at the Metropolitan Theatre in Morgantown.


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Spring Production

March or April 2018 at The Metropolitan Theatre

A Spring Production will be performed by Morgantown Dance Studio and the Morgantown Ballet Company in March or April 2018


Year End Celebrations of Dance

May 20, 2017 at the Metropolitan Theatre


Purchase Year End Celebration of Dance Photos by Gretchen Moore

Gretchen Moore will be taking pictures of both shows at our Year End Celebrations of Dance at the cost of $10 per dancer per show.  For the $10 per dancer per show, you will have access to all photos of the show or show(s) your dancer(s) are in.

So, for example:

    • If you have one child in the Foundations show only, your cost is $10
    • If you have one child in the Evening show only, your cost is $10
    • If you have one child in the Foundations show and one child in the Evening show, your cost is $20
    • If you have one child in the BOTH shows, your cost for that child is $20
    • If you have one child in the Foundations show and two children in the Evening show, your cost is $30

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Program One Liners for Productions

As always, One Liners are $20 each and need to be short . . . a couple of lines at most.

For those of you who are new to our dance productions, One Liners are special little notes that are published in the program for our dancers. These can be from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or even the family pet(s), if you want!

A few examples of One Liner submissions from a previous production:
“Isabella, you make our hearts dance too! Love you so much, Mam-maw and Pappy”
“Abbie – We love watching you dance! Love you, Mom, Dad, and Alec”
“Tess . . . whether as a hobgoblin or a gypsy, your passion for dance always shines through. We love you and are so proud of you! Mommy, Daddy, and Owen”

You may submit your One Liners via email to at anytime prior to the deadline and then submit payment at the studio. You may also submit your One Liners at the studio. An envelope with One Liner submission forms and payment envelopes will be posted on the bulletin board at the studio for one month prior to each performance.

Payments must be submitted at the studio in the One Liners envelope by cash or check (made payable to MORGANTOWN DANCE). PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR ONE LINERS AT THE DESK!

Flower Orders for Productions

We will be accepting flower orders in conjunction with the performances.  This is a fantastic and convenient way to surprise your dancer with flowers at any performances. All bouquets come ready to present. Flowers will be available at the Met during all performances.  There will be a very limited number of flowers available at the performances, the only way to guarantee you will have flowers is to pre-order them.  Pre-ordered flowers are also offered at a slighted discounted price.

Prices coming soon!

Provide the following information with your flower order:

      1. Your Name
      2. Dancer’s name
      3. Type of Bouquet(s)
      4. Desired Colored(s)
      5. Performance(s)

You do not need to pay for the flowers when you order, you can bring your payment with you when you pick up the flowers. However if you would like to pre-pay, place your payment in the drop box at the studio by the dressing rooms.