Morgantown Dance Studio (MDS) is a project of Morgantown Dance, a not-for-profit community arts organization. Classes at the MDS are designed both for those who may wish to pursue a career in dance, and for students of all ages who simply wish to enjoy the many benefits of dance. Instructors place students at appropriate levels according to age, experience, and mastery of basic technique. For young children, social and physical development, rather than age, determine placement.

What Makes Morgantown Dance Studio Different?

MDS is a community program operated entirely by volunteers. We are a not-for-profit, non-competitive school dedicated to providing our students with top-quality training and exposing the community to the disciplines and diversity of dance.

  • We offer performance opportunities without the financial pressure of a recital.
  • A solid, high-quality education is our first priority.
  • Students from Morgantown Dance have been accepted at prestigious summer dance programs and have gone on to perform professionally.


Teachers at Morgantown Dance Studio adhere to syllabi when determining the level of a student and when teaching their Foundations and Ballet classes. Foundations, Morgantown Dance’s own curriculum, is based on the National Dance Education Organization Standards and is divided into Ballet, Jazz, Acro/Flex, Hip Hop, and Tap. All teachers are trained in the new curriculum and follow an outline with learning objectives for each age group. Ballet syllabi (Ballet I, II, III and split-level classes) at Morgantown Dance Studio are based on the Russian Vaganova syllabus.

Boys’/Men’s Only Classes

During Summer 2009, Morgantown Dance initiated a “boys/mens-only” dance training program. Students will learn basic ballet positions and vocabulary unique to the male dancer. A typical class will feature standard barre work with a focus on building strength and conditioning. In the second half of the class, the students will jump, skip, turn, and travel across the floor. This is the perfect class for highly energetic men and boys of any age! Male students (professional dancers, athletes, actors, etc…) reap amazing benefits from ballet training. Ballet classes develop discipline, self-confidence, creativity, strength, power, coordination, and flexibility. These qualities help boys (and girls) become more successful at other endeavors such as sports, martial arts, and acting. In fact, many athletes at West Virginia University (including the football players) enjoy taking ballet regularly to improve their athletic abilities, not to mention that dance is fun.

Class Belts

Starting in the Fall of 2009, MDS began providing dance belts for all ballet students. Students must wear their dance belt to every ballet class that they attend. The studio will provide one belt per dancer, and any replacement belts will be the responsibility of the dancer.