Mr. Frank Prascik


Frank joined the Morgantown Dance family in the Fall of 2015 when his daughter become a full-time student there. He and his wife gladly volunteered wherever they were invited. The entire Prascik family will always be grateful for being open heartedly and unconditionally adopted into the Morgantown Dance family. We will forever cherish the lifelong bonds of friendship that were forged there.

Some highlights of Frank’s Morgantown Dance activities include:

  • Joining the board in the fall of 2016
  • Serving as board treasurer for the past 4 years
  • Refinishing some newly acquired space at the Mall facility which is now the Costume shop
  • Undertaking various other facility and IT related maintenance and improvement activities
  • Assisting with set construction and working backstage for various productions along with his wife.

Frank has fond memories of the first set piece he constructed, the window for Peter Pan, and is very thankful for all he was taught by the primary set construction manager at the time. Frank also has very fond memories of building (with his wife’s assistance) the house for the initial Wizard of Oz production, the ballroom stairs for Cinderella, and the Rabbit Hole for Alice in Wonderland.

Outside of Morgantown Dance, Frank currently works for Trilogy Innovations Inc. The Prascik family’s lives were and will always be tremendously enriched by being a part of the wonderful family that is Morgantown Dance. He says, “When then Board president, and friend, Isaac Wolford, asked if I’d be interested in joining the Board I gladly accepted as it sounded like a wonderful way to give something more back to Morgantown Dance and help further sustain and grow an entity which clearly had significant positive impacts on the lives of Morgantown Dance Family members.”

He calls serving on the board an important and meaningful responsibility, adding, “Morgantown Dance is a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting education in dance and to providing performance opportunities for greater Morgantown and surrounding communities. This mission sets it apart from for profit dance studios. Other studios all do wonderful things and care about their students dance education and wellbeing, just like Morgantown Dance. However, the Morgantown Dance operating model creates and promotes an extended and caring Morgantown Dance Family. Our Family members have a strong sense of pride and responsibility and are dedicated to supporting Morgantown Dance, its students, performers, and faculty. They’ll do whatever it takes and contribute however needed to fulfill the mission enabling our students and performers to grow and be successful in dance and in life. It’s most rewarding to see Morgantown Dance students and performers learn and enjoy themselves in class and in our performances. It’s also rewarding to see the bonds they form with each other and their mentors. For these reasons, it is vital to keep Morgantown Dance sustainable and available to the community.”