Andrea Gilreath


Classes Taught: Grown-Up & Me for 2.5-year-olds, Foundations Ballet

Andrea Gilreath has inspired students and audiences in the art of dance for the past 37 years; as both teacher and performer. She returns to Morgantown Dance having instructed young dancers here for 12 years.

She is certified in multiple disciplines and leans heavily on her experience and enthusiasm for dance to inspire the youngest dancers to reach far beyond their potential. Ms. Gilreath believes in teaching younger students about practice and effort and she says I’m most proud of the longevity of my dancing/teaching/performing to inspire all ages that dance has no age limit. Creating art onstage for the Morgantown community.

Andrea was an original member of Alchemy Dance Project modern dance company and Morgantown Ballet Company in Morgantown, WV dancing the past decade in countless ballets, including the lead as “Aurora” in Ashley Manzo’s 2011 modern dance reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty ballet.
As a long-time student at Morgantown Dance I received/continue to receive quality dance instruction/technique and wanted to work in an environment that respects this and continue to pass on what I learn each time I take a dance class. Morgantown Dance welcomed me as an adult dancer many years ago and provided opportunities for me to learn, apprentice, teach and perform.

Asked what makes a good student, Ms. Gilreath says, “A good dance student is any human that moves in my classroom! Dance is human. Students should take my class to escape the stress of the world, to feel joy in moving their body in a safe place, to share a positive experience with other humans, to learn the tradition of ballet, to be a part of a community and meet people.”

She also believes in hard work, treating everyone with respect, a willingness to try, discipline of learning, and positivity.

“Having these high yet attainable expectations for my students and my classroom reminds me to ‘practice what I teach’ in all aspects of my life! My students teach me how to teach them! It’s a team effort.”

Ms. Gilreath continues to study ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary dance styles. When not in the classroom, she can be found performing with Tinkered Dance; a collective inspired by life in Appalachia. She continues to study ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary dance styles.