What age can my child begin dance classes?

Grown Up and Me classes start at age two-and-a-half and are for children and their favorite grownups. At age three then children can register for Creative Movement classes. Please find more information under our Foundations Program.

Does my child need to be potty trained?
Children who are not potty trained need to arrive in clean pull up diapers.
What classes do you offer?

Morgantown Dance offers all genres of dance classes.  Please find more information about our dance school here.

Do you offer classes for adults?
Absolutely! Morgantown Dance offers dance instruction to adults in ballet and tap. Please find more information about our dance school here.
I have an older child interested in dance for the first time. What classes do you recommend?

We recommend that your child registers for the Ballet Intro II class and notifies the Morgantown Dance manager after registration so the manager may arrange for your child to be assessed by our Artistic Directors for their appropriate level.

When is it appropriate for my ballet dancer to go en pointe?

The bones of the feet do not fully develop and harden until approximately 13-15 years old. A dancer must be strong enough to protect the bones before they are fully developed. Beginning pointe too early can permanently damage immature bones.  Additionally, dancers must have developed a strong ballet technique to properly dance en pointe to minimize injury.  For these reasons, our dancers are assessed yearly during placement auditions by our Artistic Directors to evaluate for pointe readiness. For more information, please see this article.

What are placements?
Placements are yearly auditions that all our current and new ballet students in levels Ballet Intro I and higher attend to be evaluated by our Artistic Directors for readiness for ballet level advancement and/or pointe.
What does intensive mean in dance?
Intensives feature rigorous training schedules with an equally demanding curriculum. Despite that, students can enjoy a wide array of benefits.
How do I register for classes?
To register for classes, you must first create an account in our Dancer Portal. Once registered in the portal, you will be able to select the classes appropriate for you or your child’s age.
Classes have already started can I still register?
As many classes move in progression from August thru May, we wait to re-register or admit new students into classes in January. Adding students mid-semester has caused disruption to the learning process for students and teaching process for instructors, and presents a disadvantage to students just joining. New students moving to the area may be an exception. The schedule and registration are based on a full dance year, not individual semesters.
Does Morgantown Dance offer private lessons?
Absolutely! Several of our instructors offer private and semi-private lessons. Studio rental fee and lesson fees apply. Please contact the Manager at manager@morgantowndance.org for rates and scheduling.
Does Morgantown Dance participate in/attend any dance festivals?

We love festivals! Morgantown Dance participates in the Dance WV Fall Festival at Cedar Lakes and the WV Dance Festival in Charleston, WV in the Spring.

Does Morgantown Dance host intensives?
Of course! Morgantown Dance strives to offer a breadth of dance experiences for our students, including summer intensives!
Does Morgantown Dance offer scholarships or tuition assistance?
Yes! Please email the Morgantown Dance Manager at manager@morgantowndance.org for more information.
Are parents allowed to watch the dance classes?
We have found that dancers and instructors can be distracted when parents are viewing the class. For our youngest dancers in the Foundations Program, we offer Parent Watch Week during the Fall and Spring Semesters, so parents can observe their dancers’ skill progression.
How many dance classes do students take each week?

Dancers can take 1 or a ton of classes! It really depends on the student, but a dancer will have better results with muscle memory, progressing to the next level, and gaining strength and flexibility, if they attend several classes per week.

Does Morgantown Dance participate in dance competitions?

Morgantown dance focuses on teaching dance technique and offers several opportunities for dancers to perform on stage each year, such as with our two large community productions at the Metropolitan Theatre! However, we do not participate in dance competitions as a school. Students who wish to work privately with faculty and enter competitions independently as soloists are welcome to do so!

Does my child need to dance at Morgantown Dance to participate in your Community Productions such as The Nutcracker!
No! Our Community Productions are open to all dancers in the area, as long as they are enrolled in at least one dance class somewhere.
Is there a dress code for dance classes?
Yes. Please find the dress code for the Foundations program here and the dress code for the different dance genres offered through the Dance School classes explained here.
Will I need to purchase dance costumes?
Morgantown Dance provides costumes for the Community Productions, and the Year End Showcase at no charge to the dancers. Some of our productions include a “small fee” to cover photos and props.
How often does Morgantown Dance put on public events / performances?

Morgantown Dance produces two large-scale Community Productions per year (such as The Nutcracker, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) in the fall and spring. Morgantown Dance students also participate in the Year End Showcase scheduled in May. Additionally, Morgantown Dance students perform at various community fundraisers, nursing homes, and various other community performances as invited by community organizers.

My son is interested in dance. Do you accept boys in your program?
Absolutely! Morgantown Dance is an inclusive dance environment.
What opportunities are there for instructors at Morgantown Dance?
Morgantown Dance is always looking for reliable, dedicated instructors for all genres of dance. If you are interested in a position or to be added to the substitute list, please send your resume to admin@morgantowndance.org.
What is your weather cancellation policy?
In the case of inclement weather, school management decides whether classes will run by 3pm. Parents and students will be notified of cancellations via email and/or text message. If classes are cancelled by the school management, every attempt will be made to reschedule the class(es).
What is your attendance / makeup class policy?
For a student to gain the full benefit from class as well as to limit disruption to the instructor and other students, regular and consistent attendance is required. Repetitive class tardiness may result in the student not being granted admission into the class and eventual removal from enrollment.

When registering for class(es), dancers and their parent(s) must be committed to attending and participating in the class.

If you/your dancer must miss class, please notify the school by calling or texting 304-292-3266 at least one hour before class starts. If the school is not notified in advance, then the absence may be considered unexcused. More than 2 consecutive unexcused absences may result in removal from the class.

If a dancer must miss class due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances, please discuss with Morgantown Dance Management any make-up options. These circumstances should be discussed in advance, if possible, or as soon as the dancer has recovered from his/her illness.

Are COVID protocols in place at Morgantown Dance?
Morgantown Dance follows WV state mandates and protocols regarding mask and social distancing requirements.
Do you accept students with special needs?
All students are expected to be able to follow instructions, participate in class activities, and communicate their needs to the instructor in order to obtain benefit from the class. Disruption, inappropriate behavior, and touching others is not allowable behavior for any of our dancers. We would be happy to discuss your child’s specific needs. For additional information please contact our manager at manager@morgantowndance.org.